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China-Germany Joint-venture 2SB6 Series Actuator

2SB6 Actuator Advantages
Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection
The actuator adopts the brushless DC motor drive, and its energy consumption reduces by 30-40% compared with that of the AC asynchronous motor.
Setup & Debugging
The actuator uses the guided liquid crystal display of Chinese characters, with visual, understandable and convenient debugging
Control Precision
Have the control precision of 0. 5%, with excellent repeatability
Function Configuration
Own two control modes like analog quantity and switch quantity, with five-group relay output
Valve Protection
Have the slow closing function at the target position, so as to have no impact on the valve and lengthen the service life of the valve
Service Life
Adopt the non-contact Hall sensor to carry out the position detection, in order that the service life can be lengthened to 2 or 3 times
Protection Function
Have the diagnostic function for excessive torque, position detection fault and electronic unit fault
Protection Grade
The protection grade can reach IP67
Other Functions
Have the one-key debugging function