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Intelligent Variable Frequency Split Type Actuator

Split Installation:
If, on the site, there is not enough installation space, the temperature is over high, the vibration is too big, or it is not suitable for debugging, the intelligent control unit (electronic warehouse) and mechanical part can be installed separately, which can resolve the above-mentioned problems, but not affect the performance of the actuator. 
The multi-turn electric actuator is the most basic actuator. The straight stroke actuator and angular stroke actuator consist of multi-turn actuator and other mechanical parts.
The main technical parameters of the multi-turn actuator refer to cut-off torque (NM) and output shaft speed. There are 6 types of SURPASS 5 PROFITRON basic multi-turn products, with the torque range of 10 NM – 1,000 NM. The multi-turn actuator with the cut-off torque of over 1,000 NM consists of multi-turn actuator with the small torque and GK (or GST) reduction gearbox. SURPASS 5 PROFITRON multi-turn products can be equipped with various mechanical interfaces (output shafts and flanges) meeting the international standards, so as to achieve the reasonable mechanical connection for different controlled objects. The flanges and output shafts shall comply with the international standards DIN ISO 5210or DIN 3210. The straight stroke electric actuator is composed of two parts like multi-turn electric actuator and integrated straight propulsion device. The main technical parameters refer to cut-off thrust (KN), output shaft straight movement speed (mm/min) and maximum stroke (mm). The thrust range of SURPASS 5 PROFITRON straight stroke products is 3. 4-217 KN and the speed range is 70-1,120 mm/min. The products have the adjustable function, covering all application fields. (Output Thrust of the Straight Stroke Actuator (KN) = Output Torque of the Multi-turn Actuator (NM)/Conversion Coefficient of the Straight Propulsion Device (f); Straight Movement Speed of the Output Shaft of the Straight Stroke Actuator = Output Shaft Speed of the Multi-turn Actuator * Screw Pitch of the Straight Propulsion Device.)
The angular stroke electric actuator consists of two parts like multi-turn electric actuator and integrated worm reduction gearbox. The main technical parameters are cut-off torque (NM) and full stroke time (S/90). The reduction gearbox refers to direct-connected type (GS series) and chassis crank type (GF series). The torque range of the direct-connected type is 80-250,000 NM; the torque range of the chassis crank type is 80-32,000 NM. The both types can cover all application fields. (Output Torque of the Angular Stroke Actuator = Output Torque of the Multi-turn Actuator * Amplification Coefficient of the Torque of the Reduction Gearbox (F); Full Stroke Time of the Angular Stroke Actuator (S/90) = (15*Reduction Ratio of the Reduction Gearbox) / Output Shaft Speed of the Multi-turn Actuator). The angular stroke electric actuator is suitable for control of various gate valves, stop valves, butterfly valves, regulating valves and adjusting dampers. According to the control command, it can accurately carry out self-regulation for pressure, temperature and flow of the operating medium of the system.