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Intelligent Variable Frequency Straight Stroke Actuator

The straight stroke electric actuator is composed of two parts like multi-turn electric actuator and integrated straight propulsion device. The main technical parameters refer to cut-off thrust (KN), output shaft straight movement speed (mm/min) and maximum stroke (mm). The thrust range of SURPASS 5 PROFITRON straight stroke products is 3. 4-217 KN and the speed range is 70-1,120 mm/min. The products have the adjustable function, covering all application fields. (Output Thrust of the Straight Stroke Actuator (KN) = Output Torque of the Multi-turn Actuator (NM)/Conversion Coefficient of the Straight Propulsion Device (f); Straight Movement Speed of the Output Shaft of the Straight Stroke Actuator = Output Shaft Speed of the Multi-turn Actuator * Screw Pitch of the Straight Propulsion Device.)
Feature and Advantage
1. High efficiency, energy conservation and low noise
Frequency converter with built-in smart variable frequency actuator realizes reasonable use of energy. It doesn’t open frequently during control, but keeps a stable working condition and saves more than 30% energy. Meanwhile, it obviously reduces noise and prolongs service life.
2. Strong Fault Self-diagnosis Function
The internal microprocessor can continuously carry out the monitoring for the various conditions of the actuators, perform the self-diagnosis and offer the warning & fault information, so that the customer can conveniently deal with and remove faults.
3. Strengthen the Protection Function of the Valve
Slow down in advance when the valve reaches the end position. Utilize the maximum output torque to achieve flexible closing for the valve and flexible startup at the end position of the corresponding valve.
4. High Control Precision and Strong Anti-interference Capacity
It can start up at the minimum speed and slow down at the target position so as to carry out the precise location. Meanwhile, it uses the fuzzy control technology in order to have strong anti-interference function.
5. Have Many Protection Functions
The actuator can achieve the protection functions for motor overheating, power phase shortage, voltage shortage, over voltage, over current, over torque, etc.
6. Split Installation
If there is not enough space on the site, the temperature is over high, the vibration is too big, or it is not suitable for installation, the control unit and machinery unit can be installed separately, which cannot affect the performance.
7. Reduce Spare Parts and Inventory
The cut-off torque and output speed can be set by the customer in the wide range, so as to reduce spare parts.
8. Automatic Detection and Treatment for Signal Faults
In the remote mode, the actuator can carry out the automatic detection for 4-20 mA analog control signal circuit. It can automatically adopt the corresponding protection measures according to the mode set in advance, in case of faults like broken circuit and short circuit.